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2020 was a year none of us will ever forget. We all woke up to a strange new world, and had to change our lives in ways we never expected or thought were evenly vaguely possible! 

But we did, and in doing so also discovered new things. We learnt that as the days turned into weeks and then endless months, that we have a depth of strength, and a capacity to evolve that surprised even ourselves. That was certainly the case for me and my family, and also for Willow and Honey. 
March 01, 2021 by Hannah Lesatele

How to Create Your Own Custom Scented Candles at Home

How to Create Your Own Custom Scented Candles at Home


There’s nothing quite as calming as a flickering scented candle. These aromatherapeutic home accessories are beautiful to look at, and they create a beautiful aroma that fills your home while creating a relaxing vibe. Whether you want to celebrate the holiday season with scented candles, or you love to use fragrance to help with relaxation, you can make your very own scented candles right in the comfort of your home. Read on to learn more about making scented candles at home and how you can enjoy them in every room.

7 Scents To Transform Your Mood And Make You Feel Great!

As you've probably experienced, your sense of smell is closely connected to the way you feel. After all, a mere whiff of a familiar scent on the breeze can inspire a dramatic flood of memories. But, did you know that you can use this power to help change your mood? Here are seven transformational, uplifting scents you should know about.

A Guide To Choosing The Best Scented Candles Online


As we know all too well here at Willow and Honey, scented candles are one of life's little luxuries. After a busy and tiring day, a great way to relax is by lighting your favourite scented candle.  But as the simple appeal of beautiful scented candles catches on, the availability of the kinds, colours and fragrances expands. And, while that is great news for the discerning consumer, it can actually make buying candles and choosing the right scent quite difficult especially if you're buying scented candles online.  


Why choose Soy Wax?

We are often asked why we choose to make our candles using soy wax.  People comment that soy wax products are more costly than say paraffin wax products, which is true at face value.  However if you dig a little deeper you’ll soon see that the savings come at a higher cost.