How To Look After Your Wooden Wick Soy Candle By Willow and Honey

We LOVE wooden wicks.  We first came across them in a store in Melbourne, Australia.  They stood out a mile.  They were so unique and something we'd certainly never seen before.  We bought one, brought it home and lit it up...and WOW!  
The lovely thing about wooden wicks is that they have what my brother calls "a third dimension".  Not only do they smell great and look great, as they flicker when burning, but they also sound great.  
The wicks themselves have a closely guarded patent but essentially a thin groove runs up either side of the wicks creating a capillary action when the soy wax melts.  This means the candle burns smoothly and the fragrance oils are evenly released into the home.  
Traditionally cotton wick soy candles are clean burning. In other words they don't release that nasty soot associated with paraffin candles. Our soy wax is 100% natural with no additives and no paraffin blend (something you have to look out for with some soy candle products on the market) however there can be one or two challenges with owning & burning a wooden wick candle. For example "tunneling" can occur, where a  ring of hard wax around the outside edge of the candle won't melt or where light unsightly soot marks appear on the inside of the container.
We've created the following guide to help you get the most out of your wooden wick soy wax candle, we hope you find it useful:
  • The first time you burn your wooden wick candle allow it to burn for 2 hours or at least until the whole surface is liquid with wax. We find if you do this each time you burn your candle, you will get the best out of it.  Soy wax has a memory which is why this stage is important, avoiding unsightly “tunnelling”.
  • Always trim the wick before lighting to approximately 1/2cm. This keeps the flame at a safe height and allows optimum performance. You can either 'snap' the burnt wood or even better, get a pair of nail clippers!
  • Don’t pull the wick apart - It has a layered look to it and is meant to be that way for better burning.
  • Should you notice any slight soot marks from the wooden wick on the inside of the jar, simply wipe round with a damp cloth to make your candle look like new.
  • We use natural products and therefore you may see some discolouration in the wax towards the end, however this does not in anyway effect the performance of your candle.
  • If your flame appears to be weak, blow it out, pinch the 2 layers together and light again, this works almost every time.

If you've got any other tips or techniques we'd love to hear them. Write them on our Willow and Honey Facebook page and we'll add them to the list above.


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