How We Make Our Scented Soy Candles

We are two sisters living 5 miles apart in the heart of the English countryside.  Between us we work any spare moment we have building this venture with big ambitions.  It’s not easy juggling home life with Willow and Honey life.  So we thought we'd provide a little insight into our candle making process.  

We set-up Willow and Honey just under a year ago to be a positive focus in what were challenging times.  At present Lucy and myself design and hand make all of our soy candles at home.  We go into our “how we make our soy wax candles” process in a little more detail below. We also share the responsibility of driving distribution opportunities (aka sales - the scary bit) with tackling the odd marketing exercise or three.  Tom, our little brother also helps with marketing and drives the online stuff - he’s pretty good at it as he runs his own digital marketing business in Australia. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing!  It’s actually brought us considerably closer together over the past year...ironic, given that I used to live in Melbourne and now speak to him more now than I did then.

We pride ourselves in the product we make. We’re incredibly passionate about it and we pour our heart and soul into making every single one.  We’ve had our ups and downs and we recognise that there’ll be plenty more bumps along this road we’re on but it’s worth it.  Every time we hear one of our customers express a positive experience it creates a really warm feeling inside. Ultimately that’s what it comes down to for us. If we can make a range of products that people are happy to buy and that can provide an uplifting and enriching experience, then we can sleep happy at night.  

As we continue to grow we want to be transparent about how our products are made, what they’re made of and where our materials come from.  Where possible we support local & domestic small businesses like ourselves.  It’s like karma for businesses.


We welcome any feedback or suggestions - ‘feedback’ being the gift that keeps on giving.
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