Homewares have arrived & we're so excited to share them with you

2020 was a year none of us will ever forget. We all woke up to a strange new world, and had to change our lives in ways we never expected or thought were evenly vaguely possible! 

But we did, and in doing so also discovered new things. We learnt that as the days turned into weeks and then endless months, that we have a depth of strength, and a capacity to evolve that surprised even ourselves. That was certainly the case for me and my family, and also for Willow and Honey. 

In a pandemic where retail has been hit so desperately hard, we know how devastating it's been to see your family business ripped away. Over 80% of our own wholesale orders vanished overnight, with no prospect of returning even when the shops did briefly reopen only to sadly realise they could no longer survive. 

So it made us think; what in 2021, as we slowly emerge into a hopeful new dawn, do people need more than ever? And how can Willow and Honey help and evolve? We didn't immediately have the answers so we talked, asked questions and listened. We can't thank you enough for all the incredible feedback you gave us: it really helped us decide, apart from fragrance, what else lightens our moods in these testing times? And you know what, the answer always came back to the same thing - Home; our safe havens, our sanctuaries and our outlets of creativity and joy. 

This was an obvious natural step for us, and so we are now incredibly excited to announce the latest chapter in our journey to creating your gorgeous, happy home - Willow and Honey Homewares. This is a fabulous collection of interior goods from a selection of stylish brands around the world that fit our brand in many ways - but most importantly of all, are all committed to the same environmental ethos as Willow and Honey – recyclable and planet friendly. 
But don’t just take my word for it, come on in and have a browse. If my own tastes are anything to go by - I’ve gone berserk for planters, throws, cushions, in fact you name it I love it! To whet your appetite we’re also offering 10% off on all homewares, but you better be quick, it’s for one week only with code LAUNCHPARTY (expires midnight 8th March 2021).

So what are you waiting for? Let’s put happy vibes and bright sparks back into our homes - let's face it...we all deserve it! x
March 01, 2021 by Hannah Lesatele
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