Our Story
We often get asked about our story, well this is it. Willow and Honey was founded by siblings Hannah & Lucy (that's us) and our little brother Tom. We're 3 of 5 children who started the venture after our Dad’s recovery from a life threatening illness last year.
Han, who was living in Australia at the time, left her Aussie life behind and moved her family back to the UK to help support Mum & Dad with sister Luce.
The idea of starting a venture was to act as a positive focus in what were uncertain and emotional times.
At the very heart of Willow and Honey is the celebration of love and support between family and their friends, something we truly learnt the importance last year and something we're eternally grateful for.
Our Products
Our products are handmade in England with the finest detail. All our materials are sourced domestically and where possible we support small businesses just like ours.
Our Mission
"Lift the mood of every room by creating a range of beautiful products & fragrances which deliver a euphoric and memorable experience."